Here I plan to detail my experience with publishing my first book. Hopefully along the way this blog will grow into a station where others can share their experiences as well. When everything starts going smoothly (as of right now I am learning the ropes of blogging and self-publishing) I will start putting up prompts, excersices and continuing to post my progresses as a writer.

I have detailed an agenda to follow for the next two months that involves continuing to edit and arrange my book, set up this blog, gain awareness, and employ the beginnings of a marketing plan.

For this upcoming week my goal is to arrange my writing so that it flows well from page to page and continue to design the cover art.

Should I tell you about the book? Of course I should! I am writing a collection of poetry, and I know, poetry may not have a wild audience, but it is a passion of mine and I am hoping that I can spread a little bit of that to others. More details on this book in next post!

As well as writing poetry I intend on writing a novel. I have been working on one for about 6 years without major headway in the actually getting it to words process, but as far as the story and characters go, I am 6 years involved with them and have a connection that at some point needs to be shared. I will be starting this endeavor when my collection is published and out of my head.

That’s all for now, next post soon.



2 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. I’m writing a novel too! Let me know how the self publishing goes cuz it’s something I’d be interested in!

  2. Will do! I’ll be writing through here about how it goes, thanks for following 🙂

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