Just a Few Details

As promised I am giving you guys a little bit more detail on the upcoming book I am close to publishing. This first book is a collection of poetry. Though I have a couple of notebooks full of poems, this particular collection will have about 50 total. I wanted to aim for an amount that was substantial, but not overwhelming. Another reason for the very medium number of poems to be included is that I am also focusing on a very specific theme that every poem will revolve around. Hopefully, with somewhere around 50 poems, I develop the sensations I would like the readers to sympathize with and, through progression, a discovery of the subtleties within my theme without sounding redundant.

I am still writing and editing, which has me thinking I should post a topic on the creative process. So although this post is short and just gives everyone a small glimpse at the basis for my book I am referring you to my next post (up right after this) and hope you share your creative processes as well.

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