Music and Dreams: More Inspiration

One of my friends made the suggestion of writing a post on music as an inspiration for writing. She is absolutely right. Music is a strong inspiration for many writers.

Music is like poetry actually put to a melody, rather than relying on the words to create rhythm. I used to write songs and even still have some poems that have specific music that goes along with them. Music offers a connection to emotions. If you want to write a sad story or poem and you out on  Last Kiss by Pearl Jam (on of the saddest songs I know) it may help you connect or harness that emotion. Purely orchestral music is a great source as well. Without the words supplied, you can interpret the composition any way you feel. Another way music serves as inspiration is through the rhythm itself, not just emotional connection. The style or format of the words to help reinforce the music behind it can be used to as an example. A lot of songs use devices common in writing  -rhyme, alliteration, metaphors – which can help you generate a tone, flow and use writing devices more often.

I realized another source of inspiration -dreams, as I was starting to write about music. Dreams, I believe are another strong inspiration.

I have very vivid dreams that I use a lot in my writing. With details very pinpointed like a red teapot in a grey background and a whole strange story unfolding, there is always some emotion attached to the dream. Even if you do not have vivid dreams, most people find the early morning one of the best times to write, probably because even though you may not remember your dreams in detail some essence lingers and drives your creative senses. If you have not tried writing in the early morning, as close to as soon as you wake up as possible, try it one morning. For that matter, if you normally write in the morning, try writing in the evening, late at night or the afternoon. Just the change in time could inspire something in your writing.

One thought on “Music and Dreams: More Inspiration

  1. What a smart friend to make a suggestion like that 😉 I use both music and dreams in my writing!

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