Switch to Prose

Here is an update for you guys on my progress for self-publishing. After weeks of fruitful writing for my poetry collection, I’ve finally hit the wall. I could feel it coming over me. One day I was focusing too hard on my theme and tried forcing the words out but everything I put down sounded like a rehashing and felt dull. So, I took a break and decided to do a couple things different: I took walks, I read some different books and articles, googled random things all to no inspirational surge. However, I was thinking about writing something non-poetry, just to keep myself in the habit, and hopefully kickstart my creative juices again. That idea hit me yesterday, and today, on the drive to work I started thinking about the novel I want to publish when I’ve finished my poetry collection. I was able to run a brief outline and on lunch I wrote a solid first chapter. I can feel the surge starting up again. I guess all I needed was a switch to prose for a little while.

Besides, being knee-deep in two projects is a good thing. When I get tired or frustrated or just simply run dry on one, I can change pace and still be working towards a goal. I hope to be back on poetry soon though, because I really would like to get it out there for you all to read. Soon, soon.


2 thoughts on “Switch to Prose

  1. Dan Harris says:

    Best of luck with both. I’ve never tried writing poetry, mostly because I think I’d be god-awful, but if I ever get writer’s block I’ll give it a whirl!

    • Thank you! You definitely should give it a try, even if it turns out to be something you don’t like you might strike a new idea or you might be able to re-write it into something you can use in your other writings. One of my poems was terrible as a poem, but it made a really interesting short story lol.

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