Poetry Collection Coming Along

I wanted to take a few minutes to give you all some information on my poetry collection, it is definitely coming along well. I have about seven more poems to write before I reach the number of poems I would like to have in the collection and I have started one that might be the center of the book as it is much longer and more complex than the rest. It also shares the central ideas I want to focus on in the book. The title of my collection seems to fit it more perfectly each day. I have also begun work on the cover art. If you have read anything about self-publishing, every source advises against creating your own book cover. As scared as I am to attempt it, I think I just might. I have started a draft of the cover art and I love the idea. But, I will say this decision to go against every self-publishers advice is not without a ton of research and some experience in graphic design. Although I certainly do not know graphic design as well as many others, I did take courses in website design and art. I think with as much research as I do and between my comfort level and my boyfriends talent with design programs like Photoshop I will be able to create a cover that is striking to potential readers.

One issue I think I might have is simply that I am writing poetry rather than a novel. Everyone gives advice for writing a novel, the book covers for certain demographics are all very similar. Take Twilight for example, (though probably not the first to have the design) the book began selling so well that many other books in the realm of young adult fantasy follow a very similar cover design. The dark cover, a flash of color, a short title seems to catch the readers eye, or at least clue the reader into what type of book the cover belongs to. With poetry however, the covers differ a bit more. I looked up the current top 100 poetry books and the covers seemed to range from a picture of the author, a landscape image, or an urban image or a blank cover with the title. Each seemed to be grounded in neutral (nature) colors and  smaller font. Researching the top selling poetry books helps me determine what is working in the genre, what seems to grab a readers attention, but because poetry is the genre rather than divided by the subject, it is important to portray the subject or the tone through the cover. It seems it may be harder for readers to distinguish between collections of poetry, unless the cover is absolute in it’s portrayal of the contents.

Here’s to charging ahead 🙂


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