A Sense of Light or Darkness

Yay! I just finished uploading my poetry collection to Smashwords. Check it out! I think the cover art came out beautifully, thank you all for your suggestions and support. There is a sample of the book available that includes about 4 poems out of the 40 I have written in the collection. Take a peek!

Smashwords is a site I have heard great reviews about and chose because if formatted properly (mine is still under review) your book will be distributed to affiliates like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Apple among others. Formatting was time consuming, but relatively easy (we’ll see if it bounces back with any errors). I am certain that it only took me so long because 1) it was my first time publishing and 2) it was a poetry collection which requires a bit more attention.

Along with the acceptance I hope to have in distributing to the other sites through Smashwords, I plan on making a print copy available soon via Createspace. I will tell you more when I dive into it.

But, for now I wanted to share the awesome news.

Here is a direct link to check it out: A Sense of Light or Darkness


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