A Trip to Winnemucca, Nevada

Thursday evening I boarded a Southwest flight to Reno. From there, my dad met me at the airport and we drove to Winnemucca, a small mining town about 2 hours east of Reno. In this town there is one Walmart, a Burger King, a Jack in the Box and a McDonald’s… and that about covers the recognizable brands. There are numerous family owned businesses and restaurants, some with the same name. I saw Burdette’s the cleaners, Burdette’s the restaurant, and Burdette’s the motel. It’s not small enough that you know everyone everywhere you go, but just about that small.

While there I saw the two movies available, Brave and The Amazing Spiderman. The two screened theater looked like a remodeled school, and when the cashier handed me the ticket, I saw raffle tickets, ripped in half. I also visited the visitors center, a museum like auditorium of old cowboy and mining memorabilia. Below are a few pictures for you guys:

The whole town

Nearby Antelopes

Atop Winnemucca Mountain

A very large and old tree trunk.

The only main street, Winnemucca Blvd.

The town cemetery.

One thought on “A Trip to Winnemucca, Nevada

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