Bringing Up Books: Ghosts That Have Haunted Me

Ghosts That Have Haunted Me by John Kendrick Bangs

I know, I missed last weeks Bringing Up Books post. Between lighting off fireworks for the fourth of July and jumping on a plane the following evening after work to spend an extended weekend in Winnemucca, Nevada with family, I was fighting for time just for sleep. So I apologize for the lack of activity, but I am (hopefully) making amends by bringing up a very entertaining short story, one I hope is new to you. And, as an added treat check out my Winnemucca post for some pictures and fun information about my trip.

John Kendrick Bangs begins his short story by explaining his (or the narrators) ideas on ghosts as well as transgressing to highlight his idea on writing truth. He tells that ghosts are really just creatures that make humans respond by physically rejecting them and that if we could overcome the physical repulsion people would be able to converse, respect and understand the paranormal creatures. His transgression into writing on truth reveals that he believes that a person ought to transform what they see into their art, in an accurate depiction of what the believe as truth -a perception is reality theory. Then he begins to account three separate instances in which he had the opportunity to overcome the physical and mentally accept the ghosts that appeared to him.

What I love about this story is  that truth is constantly bought up, as well as affirmations of the narrators honesty. While the narrator constantly reminds the audience of his trustworthiness, he embellishes his stories and accents them with extreme precision of details. It is not a frightening read, as I had believed by the title, but really funny. I was laughing the whole way through.


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