Real Life “Surrogates”

Check out this article from Science Daily that details the technology and study of “beaming,” a process in which a human uses virtual reality to “beam” themselves into a robot in order to interact with people, animals, situations even, remotely. In this study a human is using a robot the size of a rat in order to interact with the rat in its own environment – well at this point, it’s own room. This is really interesting given the multitude of directions and instances this type of technology can be used. Video conferences, as noted in the article, become real interactive – you feel in the same room- conferences with a robot avatar. It rings a reference back to the Bruce Willis film, Surrogates, if you saw that, and though that movie would give this type of advancement a bad rep, I think it’s really opening for great opportunities, specific opportunities, not widespread avatar is real-life change yourself and lose touch of humanity kind of opportunities.

Virtual Reality puts Human in Rat World


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