Weekly Posts Details

Hello all, I have finally decided on my themed days of the week posts. Ready?

Monday Musings will include reviews, but instead of limiting it to only books, I will be looking at other forms of entertainment as well (Mull Over Movies, Press or Pass Apps, etc.)

Top Pick Tuesday will feature whatever I found particularly awesome during the week. Anything from a song to a recipe.

Writer’s Workshop Wednesday will be used to post any ideas, processes, or exercises that can inspire everyone to start writing.

Tantrum Thursday I will use this post for my weekly rant and I encourage others to post their boiling moment of the past week as well.

Sci-Friday as it seems a lot of my direction comes from science fiction, fantasy, and I’m throwing horror and paranormal in here too, I thought it appropriate to dedicate one post a week to this genre. Ranging from strictly science to a mythological tale to the unknown, I hope to bring articles, tales, advancements and discoveries that help me continually think in that direction.

So that’s it. I have posted my Sci-Friday post for this week and look forward to Monday’s Musing and the full week after.

This evening I’ll be at First Friday, meeting people and passing out some bookmarks (rather large bookmarks but that’s ok).

Have a great weekend!

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