Bringing Up Books: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride by William Goldman is a novel about a young girl, Buttercup, who swiftly becomes one of the most beautiful girls who have ever lived, and how she fell in love with Westley. Soon after they proclaim their love, Westley sets out for America vowing to return with the means to make a comfortable life for them. However, his ship is captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts, known for leaving no survivors. Upon hearing of Westley’s death, Buttercup is devastated and when offered marriage to Prince Humperdinck, accepts under the knowledge that she will never love again. But before the wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped by 3 criminals, each with their own very unique and interesting back stories, and all are followed by the man in the black mask.

I remember seeing this movie as a kid and not really liking it. Then, I saw it again much older and found it hilarious. The book is way better than the movie (aren’t they always?). Seriously, the book has a bit more graphic details, (Inigo , the expert swordsman, shoving his hand into the wound in his stomach to stop the bleeding, for instance) and much more satire. This book had me laughing to myself quietly, really trying not to disturb the people around (I’m sure they just think I’m crazy, that’s fine). It really is “high adventure and true love.”

One thing in particular about this book that caught me off guard was the author introduction, the footnotes, or breaks in the story that give Goldman the chance to explain his abridgment. I found them amazingly entertaining. I loved this rendition so much, I wanted to attempt the crazy long S. Morgenstern original, only when I googled it I found that all of that was fake. William Goldman wrote everything, and his life as described -fake. Lies and devices for entertainment. Well, it worked. But a part of me is really sad that the lawsuits Goldman “faced,” were falsified, and that Stephen King does not have distant family in Florin. I was duped. Hats off to Mr. Goldman, a great storyteller.



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