Gorilla Bread

Ok for my first Top Pick Tuesday, the thing that’s been interesting to me in the past week is gorilla bread, but not just gorilla bread -special gorilla bread.

Now, I already think gorilla bread is pretty special. (For anyone who does not know what gorilla bread is, let me share. First, you take uncooked croissant rolls, laid flat, and fill them with slices of banana, some chocolate chips and a little sweet brown sugar sauce. Fold it up, and layer the rolls in a bundt pan, a little sugar sauce, some rolls, more sugar sauce, more rolls. Then bake.). Already special right? Then I saw this recipe that does the same thing with pizza ingredients! Imagine, instead of the dessert combo of bananas, chocolate and brown sugar, packed inside each croissant roll is a little pasta sauce, some cheese and pepperoni’s, or mushrooms and olives! Mmmm, any toppings you wish baked deliciously inside. Butter the outside, maybe garlic salt or a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, now we’re talking.

I have yet to try it, so I’m not quite sure how it turns out, but I’ve been thinking about this recipe for the past week, earning it my top pick. I’ll let you all know how amazing it is when I do though.


One thought on “Gorilla Bread

  1. davemanic says:

    I am a huge fan of many pizza based foods. I am currently awaiting the pizza-burger

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