First Writer’s Workshop, a Poetry Exercise

I’ve mentioned before how I love taking lists of words and using them as writing prompts. I think I even specifically mentioned my names and types of flowers list. I love using it for poetry. Names of flowers are oftentimes very rich and interesting sounding. So for my first Writer’s Workshop, I thought I would use that as an exercise.

What I did was pull names from my list of flowers, names I was drawn to, it’s different every time, or at least I try to choose ones I do not use often. Anyways, here is was I chose:

Bells of Ireland
Calla Lily
Lily Stargazer
Lace Fern
Statice Blue

I really liked how many of the names sounded like actions; stargazer, statice, lace, even solidaster. So I went with that thought and came up with the following poem:

With dawn
Bells of Ireland ring
Over caspia,
Caspia, blossoming
In the rising light,
Like cherries -raw and ripe,
Reddening, deepening
With each new ray.

The morning brightens
Like solidaster suns
And we run
Through the afternoon
With ferns lacing our fingers
Our soft footsteps slow
The wind sweeping up
An amaryllis air.

In the dusk, we pluck
Our bleeding hearts
From their stem
And watch as petals pull back
Releasing a fresh white within.

And as the darkness settles,
Light closes on our meadow
Full moon blooming
As we lay
Lily stargazers.

I like the movement, the use of the flowers and I like the ideas in the poem. Reworking it and not sticking strictly to my list of words, I think will help shape it up even more. The last stanza seems to need a little more content, and I tried really hard to put in a word that would mimic the sound of stargazer, but nothing was working.

I encourage you all to try your own poem, either using the list of flower names I chose, or ones you choose yourself. If you would like to share your poem in the comments, I would love that! I’ll comment back on everyone’s with my own thoughts. And finally if you would like to leave thoughts about how my poem turned out, please do so. 🙂


2 thoughts on “First Writer’s Workshop, a Poetry Exercise

  1. davemanic says:

    I really enjoyed your poem, but I felt these flowers reminded me more of the names of women.

    Listen to my poem (with LD audio) via soundcloud.

    Women of Amaryllis
    As I open the doors to Amaryllis,
    I hear the Bells of Ireland,
    Caspian women come to join us,
    and Miss Calla Lily catches my eye.

    Lily, Stargazer of the troop.
    Refused to let me,
    stick it in where she poop.
    So I left her for the burn,
    given to me,
    by Miss Lady Lace Fern,
    and after she learned
    our love wasn’t true,
    I got some antibiotics,
    and went with Miss Statice Blue,
    But I was warned about Miss Blue’s vagina,
    as it had been rumored to be filled with Saxicola,
    And as she screamed at me to go faster,
    I learned her flower of choice was Solidaster

    • Haha, very interesting poem. Actually, I really like it, it’s funny and the flowers work well as names, I haven’t thought about them like that. I especially like how you name Calla Lily and then use Lily Stargazer, but break it up to mean Lily and “stargazer of the troop.” Your rhyme and rhythm was also successful.

      I suggest, if you have not already, read The Lady’s Dressing Room by Jonathan Swift. He shares the same humor, mixed with that poetic language.

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