Cyborg Me

Here we go, Sci-Friday is here!!!! How nice it is to end the week like this.

Today I want to talk prosthetics. Justin and I were talking about robotic limbs and how advanced the technology has become. At one point in the conversation he admitted that he would rather have one robotic arm or robotic legs, because then he would be stronger or faster. I’m pretty sure he would consider himself a superhero. (Side note: Did everyone see the videos of Seattle’s underground superhero organization? It was a while ago, but that’s how I picture it turning out if he lost an arm) Back on topic: Well, after having a conversation about the things that would be possible if we attached powerful prosthetics as our limbs, I watched an episode of Face Off (one of the best reality shows, about movie make-up application and character design). Anyways, this particular episode was about cyborgs. The contestants had to create a cyborg character. One of the girls created this character whose backstory involved living in a world where robotic alteration to the body was akin to cosmetic surgery. So instead of fixing an eye, or getting a nose job, you could replace your eye with a robotic one that functions similar to a terminator eye. Maybe your new eye could asses more information about your environment, or see further, or calculate risk factors as needed. Same goes for a new arm. Maybe it is stronger, grips harder or never tires.

I thought it was funny that the girl had that idea for a character and my boyfriend is sitting beside me nodding his head, waiting for the future. The idea really is not that far fetched.

Would you elect to replace a limb (or any body part) with a prosthetic?

Check out this video and article on exoskeleton suits, not exactly prosthetics, but imagine combining the technology: this strength literally attached to your nerves so that you can control it with your mind.



2 thoughts on “Cyborg Me

  1. davemanic says:

    How awesome would this be, to simply become superman through prosthetic application! This is not a new concept either, Aimee Mullins was at a TED Talks event, and actually discussed how something that was once a disability, essentially now makes her super-human.

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