Tantrum Thursday

Yay! Tantrum Thursday, the day I get to rant, be a sour face, generally displeased and take it out on the blog. You might think I would choose ranting about politics, or maybe the dwindling supply of leftover halloween candy, but I decided on a something that happened tonight.

I was making very delicious homemade chili and cornbread. The pot of chili was coming along quite well, add a little more garlic salt, red pepper, yumm. It started boiling and I decided to taste it again. I brought the spoon to my mouth and enjo-way owe! I forgot to let the spoon cool and my tongue burned.

Now the real rant here is in enjoying a taste test I lost my taste testing ability for the night. Delicious, delicious chili, I have been looking forward to since 3 and I ruined my ability to enjoy.

I do look forward to the top layer of skin peeling off the roof of my mouth. So, there’s that.


One thought on “Tantrum Thursday

  1. davemanic says:

    A rant for a rant

    I have to agree that the expectation of something as wonderful as a pleasant taste can easily be tarnished by the harsh reality of “burning your tongue”.

    Attempting to consume something that is TOO HOT has a series of unpleasant consequences. These include (as listed above) losing the sensation of taste and the roof of your mouth blistering like a bad horror movie. In addition, the entire eating experience is changed in such a dramatic way, one would rather stop eating all together. The pain associated with trying to eat after half of your mouth has been scalped by the fire knives of chili is enough to make you scream, but any form of communication will yield mute making powers, as using your tongue for anything but sobbing is torture.

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