Writing Inspiration and Pinterest

I did it. I jumped on the Pinterest wagon and am now rolling away with boards and pictures, ideas, inspirations. I look things up randomly, or specifically, either way my screen is alight with wonderful DIY ideas, furniture, food, architecture, scenery. I started building boards based on my projects. I have an angels/demon board, scenery board, gargoyle and statue board, a zombie board, and then a few more just plain fun ones like a Disney board, and I’m fairly certain you are required to have a wedding board -so I have that too. The images I keep finding are great sources of inspiration.

In some cases I need a dark mood, feel that threatening mystery, so I search “fog” or “dark skies” or maybe “ruins” and see what comes up. I have looked up fallen angels, statues and demons to try to help visualize the characters in my stories, taking bits and pieces of what I’ve already determined of their physical attributes and finding interesting other qualities to help build a complete picture.

Today, use Pinterest (or another image driven website) and type a search word that describes the type of mood you feel closest to at the moment. It does not have to be an adjective. Use a noun if some particular thing is connected to your mood. Maybe type “sun” if you want a light, happy mood. Choose one of the images that you find moving and free write for 10 or 15 minutes. Write whatever comes to mind, without censoring or editing.

I chose an image of a bridge. My free write reflected my calm, very neutral mood, content but not overly ecstatic. The best thing about free writing is even if nothing concrete comes out of it, you (hopefully) have written something that’s been insightful, or new or has unlocked deeper feelings, hopefully it connects you closer to what you are thinking and allows an inspiration to flow freer into your works.


2 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration and Pinterest

  1. davemanic says:

    Upon entering the word “Hunger”, I have noticed there was an exceptional amount of publicity for popular movie and book. I will return with a free-write to describe my experience.

  2. balbanera says:

    This is a great idea! I can wait to share it with my husband!

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