VHS Collection

My rant tonight is centered on VHS tapes. Growing up, we gained a large collection of VHS movies, but now I do not even have a VHS player (like most people). DVDs are great and everything, but when I want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and I realize that my only copy is VHS, it’s pretty frustrating.


3 thoughts on “VHS Collection

  1. davemanic says:

    The transition from VHS to DVD is not an easy one, with copyright laws and our content hungry consumer nation, one can not simply copy and paste.

    There have been several instances where audio tracks had to be completely redone in order to move the entire project from tape to disc, leaving the excited nostalgic audience disappointing and in some cases furious.

    Many people wouldn’t be happy with spending $20 on a DVD or Blue Ray if it doesn’t have adequate special features, a concept that was rare during the reign of VHS. Let alone realizing your favorite intro to “Married with Children” has been dubbed with some cheap knockoff.

    Content and Law aside, the simple cost associated, and the demand for a profitable industry, forces our hand in many cases to ignore the most valuable gems in VHS history. It is hard for me to expect any company to shell out significant capital just because you have a copy of the original star wars on VHS, they would rather you indulge in the updates, and purchase some new hardware while you are at it.

  2. balbanera says:

    I still own a VCR! The picture quality is awful, but I can’t seem to part with it. My grandfather buys VHS movies and old DVDs in bulk at the pawn shop; he has hundreds. Whenever I visit, he allows me to take a huge box full of movies to add to my own collection. This definitely pleases my inner movie junkie.

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