No Connection, It’s the Revolution.

So Friday I had absolutely no connection to the Internet or even a computer. I was unable to post my Sci-Friday bit, but it gave me a decent idea for this week: The show Revolution. Airing on NBC, this tv show is about the world after basically a giant EMP goes off, killing all electric power; computers, cars, any machines that work off electricity. The show is pretty interesting and most of the characters are interesting as well. As much as I love the concept of seeing the world 15 years after living without the constant connection to well, everything, to everyone, I really hate the main character, Charlie. I think she makes terrible decisions constantly. However, another main character, her uncle Miles, is great. He has an interesting backstory and development. Anyways, this is not a review, I just watch the show and find the concept fascinating, especially when we go even just a few days without that kind of instant connection; how much we feel we lose, or how we feel when get it all back.


One thought on “No Connection, It’s the Revolution.

  1. davemanic says:

    While I have not seen the show you are referring to (yet!) I still have a strong opinion about our connection. I believe that as we lose connection, the negativity associated can be analogous to losing a limb.

    While there is no physical bond that holds us together, the tools we have created receive an identity that creates an intrinsic value, while at one point in time we may not of had cell phones, we DID have some mode of communication, which at the time, may have been the best available.

    To lose your primary method of communication and expression sounds like a traumatic experience, having known people who have been isolated because of physical or social experiences, I can say with confidence that the forceful transition is not pleasant.

    This isn’t to say that people don’t ever want to “get away from it all” as it seems to me that many people want to isolate their thoughts or connect with nature at some point in time. I would be willing to say this has more to do with the synthetic solutions we have developed, because they don’t really cover all the basis, leaving many facets of true connection severely shorthanded. Not to mention the overwhelming spam that perverts our media, which exist as an necessary evil, because we have to pay for it somehow.

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