Fall Fashion

I am really loving these color combinations lately. My signature black and brown is full on for the fall/winter season. Black and red are great, Christmassy without the overwhelming green and red combination. I also love orange, I think I’m bounding off of Halloween still and am throwing that rustic look on it so I can still justify wearing it. Another combination I’m enjoying is purple and black, pairing it with heavy black eyeshadow makes it even darker.

I used brown lipstick the other day, not a color I usually wear on my lips, but I thought it looked good. I wore really light tan eyeshadow on my lids and a dark brown in the crease and at the outside corner. Loved that look!

Also scarfs! My roommate has got me on a scarf frenzy. I own about 7 but hardly think to wear them. She wears scarfs a lot and they always look fabulous. So now I’m scarfing.

One thought on “Fall Fashion

  1. davemanic says:

    Holiday fashion is great, but i don’t wear dark lipstick anymore.

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