Shopping Rant

Let me start by saying that I’m not pleased with Cyber Monday deals as compared to Black Friday. I waited to purchase some items I thought might go on sale or stay on sale and then nothing that I was looking at was on sale.

That’s part one. Part two is gift giving in general. I am one of those people who spends massive amounts of time, hours a day until the 25th (or until the day I actually go shopping) trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone on my list. I factor in key highlights of what the gift is ideally supposed to do; 1) impress the receiver when opened, 2) make hem want to immediately open it up and use it, and 3) become and stay useful. So basically, I would am looking for something practical and fun. Hard to find.

Anyways, I spend all this time trying to figure out what to get for people (and within my budget) that I leave little time for actually shopping. By then, the stores are jammed (and I’m not known for patience in a packed store) or picked over and it has pasted the last available shipping date without paying an arm, leg and other appendages for online purchases.

This year, hopefully I do ok. I’ve made my list, I’m checking it way more than Santa ever does. Trust me, if its the thought that counts, I’m already thinking about you, but you’ll probably still get a gift that resembles coal, perhaps a DVD (something I love to receive).


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