More Books!

My Sci-fi book collection expands! So, for Christmas my dad and my brother gave me 6 books collectively. Gone Girl, City of Bones, and the first four Game of Thrones books. I am very excited to read them all and the decision of which one to read first was a difficult one. It came down to the fact that one of the books will have, rather soon, a movie adaptation in the theater. I know Game of Thrones has the HBO series, but I was already caught up on that before I thought about reading them. And Gone Girl is pegged for a movie adaptation as well, but The Mortal Instruments has a trailer already out. So I started City of Bones, the first in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

Are you guys excited to start any new book series, or stand-alones? Comments Go!




Oh wow have I been binging out on candy, cookies, cake, pie, chocolate covered cherries and the most terribly delicious foods of the season. It’s so bad that lunch time comes around and my mouth waters for a sweet snack. (Yesterday my meals consisted of coffee -cream and sugar, a slice of chocolate cake, 2 shortbread cookies, a twizzler, 2 sugar cookies, a chocolate covered cherry, chicken stir fry and rice, and a Mountain Dew). I’m usually not so swayed by the sugary treats, but I have been loving, craving, satisfying those taste buds like crazy. I know at some point I’m going to get absolutely sick of it, and then crave salt and meat for two weeks, hopefully I can ease my way back to a balanced diet, but until then, bring on the fun dip, snickerdoodles, and hot chocolate.

My caramel coffee with cool whip and caramel sauce…

Arachnid Debate

First a reminder **Check out my Christmas, Codes and Contests page for a chance to win a free signed copy of my poetry collection, among other offers**

Now, for Sci-Friday!

Justin (the boyfriend) and I have been having this debate for a few months. The question is whether a spider with wings is more terrifying than a spider without wings. He says of course it is, while I think that since spiders have the ability to jump ridiculously long distances, having wings does not add much to the scare factor.

However, a recently discovered species of spiders build decoys as defense or to lure prey. The decoy is a spider shaped conglomeration of dead bugs, leaves, whatever the spider chooses to use. That is terrifying! Check out the article and a creepy picture here.


Christmas, Codes and Contest!

Happy Thursday!

Are you all surprised that there are only 5 days until Christmas?? I sure am and I still have so much to do. I always think I’m ahead at the beginning of the month, but by the time it’s whittling down to the last days, I realize I am soooo behind! That’s alright, those haikus keep me sane and I get to wrap presents tonight, one of my favorite parts 🙂

Well today’s post is about giving. And I want to give you guys something.

For a FREE ebook copy of my poetry collection, A Sense of Light or Darkness, go to Smashwords and enter the code CQ64P.

But that’s not all!

If you would like a paperback copy you can go to Createspace and enter code K297HXJ8. It will give you 73% off, meaning you only pay for production and shipping.

But wait there’s more!

In the spirit of giving, I would love to hold a contest for the next 5 days. In the comments section below tell me your favorite poet. For each day, I will randomly choose a winner, a total of 5 winners, to receive a signed copy of A Sense of Light or Darkness.

All codes are good until January 2nd. If you have any trouble with them, just send me a message 🙂

Oh, one last thing, today is supposed to be Tantrum Thursday, so here is my tantrum: I wish I would have thought about the contest at the beginning of December. (That’s about as ranty as I feel today).


Haiku For You

Sometimes, in the bustle of the holidays, we all need a moment to slow down, a brief second to restore your energy. What better way than to read or write a haiku? The haiku poem is a style based off of 3 lines and 17 syllables. The first line consisting of 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third back to 5. It is very short and the restraint makes each word’s importance that much greater. The other importance in a haiku is the emphasis on nature and the season. Another version is even shorter consisting of a 3-5-3 line pattern. Here is a winter haiku just for you:

A cardinal waits

Winter boughs bend in the snow

He folds wings for warmth.

Take a moment to breathe in the rush of the season and read or write a short haiku.

Paying It Forward

I’m still struggling to put my head around the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was certainly not ready to post anything Friday, nor was I ready through the weekend, but sometimes silence is appropriate.

Many people took the time to write, talk, share, cry with the rest of the nation and though all I could muster was silence, I was so happy to see that outward emotion reach across and form a unity.

After a full day filled with prayers, I sat in my car, still holding back, listening to a radio station as they read emails from listeners and let callers talk in-between the music. They gave a medium in which people could come together, grieve for and with each other. Further, they cancelled all prizes and contests out of respect. I drove home listening to prayers lifting.

Over the weekend, with everyone’s hearts still in their stomachs, I read a news story about Dunblane, a Scottish city with a similarly tragic event clouding their past. The community came forward, offering condolences and words of strength echoing from their own tragedy.

Again, listening to the radio, (a different station this time, Mix 94.1, Mark and Mercedes in the Morning) they began discussing the acts of heroism within the tragedy; how a neighbor helped the children who had already come out of the school terrified, how teachers hid their students in closets and cabinets, saving lives. The dj’s then asked their listeners to do something nice for someone else -to “pay it forward.” They requested that people call in and share either the kindness they bestowed on someone, or a kindness received.

Calls flooded in. People began paying for the car behind them in the drive-thru, a lady drove home a tv for another lady who couldn’t fit it in her car, people helped out the person in front of them in line when they were short on change. Every person claimed that the kindness made them feel so much better. When someone paid a kindness, they said how the response, the appreciation, the surrounding people who nodded on, all of it made them happier. And when someone received a kindness, their surprise and appreciation made them happier too.

I think, when our hearts are broken by tragedies, when nothing can be said or done, there are people whose words matter, people who share our hardships, and there are actions that can make a community come together to begin the mend.

Whether offering a medium to let people share, offering strength in understanding, sparing change or just time, every kindness forms a moment of happiness, for everyone involved, in which to grow.

I have decided to pay it forward and I really encourage all of you, anyone who reads this, do so as well.

Let’s not be defined by our tragedies, but the unity in which we emerge from them.

Bringing Up Books: Asking For Trouble

Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young is the book version of The Wedding Date movie From 2005.

Sophy has lied to her mother about a boyfriend she really does not have, so when it’s time to attend her sisters wedding, Sophy resorts to hiring from an escort agency. What she doesn’t plan for is Josh Carmichael. As the wedding preparations and ceremonies proceed, Sophy becomes increasingly confused about how she really feels about the man she hired, stressed by her mother, too perfect sister, and the rest of the family. She becomes just more wrapped up in her ever growing web of lies.

I don’t normally pick up a rom-com, chick lit book, but when I saw this movie (well, I love Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney) and realized it was inspired by this breakout novel, I decided to give it a try.

Like the movie, I thought it was very funny, sometimes sad, but heartwarming as well. A very fast, entertaining read that has me wanting to broaden my chick lit allowance and possibly make Young an author to collect.

I will let you all know, there are some huge differences from the movie (as there usually are) and, to me, both versions are equal (unlike most book to movie adaptations).