Top 5 Creature Feature

There are countless sci-fi creatures filling up our imaginations, from monsters, vampires, altered animals, human-type crossovers, robots, and then the paranormal realm of ghosts, spirits and demons. Strictly speaking movies, (rather than all myths, legends, literature, etc.) I have narrowed my favorite creatures to my top 5. At least my favorite at the moment. It will change next month, probably next week, maybe tomorrow… Don’t be surprised if I add an amendment later tonight.

In no particular order:

1) Leeloo from The Fifth Element. When this movie first came out I was 11 years old and it was immediately my favorite movie. With a fantastic cast, a great story and one particular supreme being, this has stayed one of my all time favorite movies. Of course she makes this list, she is ridiculously tough and increasingly vulnerable.

2) The Fairies from Hell Boy II. I hated the first Hell Boy movie. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I thought Red was extremely corny. But the second movie had a great story with the Elves and the added characters. Anyways, the creatures. Aesthetically, they were great -creepy and cute at the same time, their devouring nature, deadly adorable. Best part- they go for the teeth first.

3) The Predator. With his scary mouth-within-a-mouth face, and intelligence this character, just purely the concept and design, definitely makes my top 5.

4) The Splinter Virus. I seriously think Splinter was a completely underrated movie. For a B horror flick the characters are not completely stupid, the plot was simple, but good and the virus was a fresh take on what zombies could be like. The virus attaches itself to the nearest living thing and begins to not just take control, but grow. By the end you get an image of what looks like a red mess of spikes with a hint of a human (or two) inside.

5) Neo from The Matrix Trilogy. Enough said.


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