Mull Over Movies: Wreck-It Ralph

I know this one has been out now for a bit, I probably should have done the review a couple of weeks back, but here it is anyways.

Wreck-It Ralph is about Ralph, the bad guy from a video game who wants to not be the “bad guy” any more. He ends up going into different games trying to earn a hero’s medal to prove he can be the good guy. Through his adventure he meets a glitch named Vanellope, a quirky little race girl and he begins to understand what really matters.

I loved this movie. It has great moments of nostalgia. You will find yourself pointing at the screen, recalling different video game characters you recognize. Beyond nostalgic, the movie offers a solid and very funny plot. It’s one of those rare movies that the humor can be appreciated by anyone of any age, not separate adult humor hidden behind subtle innuendos that make movies like Shrek and Toy Story popular. I highly recommend, whether you see this movie by yourself, with a 5 year old, or a group of friends, you go see the movie.



7 thoughts on “Mull Over Movies: Wreck-It Ralph

  1. I was actually disappointed that there weren’t more video game references. When I saw the trailer, I thought that Ralph would be game hopping for the entire movie. Instead, he spends most of the second half in that candyland place. It was still fun and entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I expected.

    • I might have been disappointed also, but I read this article about how hard it was to get everyone with the video game companies satisfied. They had to decide which characters they could use, without overexposing say Nintendo over Sega. Apparently, it got to a point where all the companies were basically fighting and nixing the different scenes that Disney proposed.

      On a side note, I WAS disappointed that I didn’t see any Final Fantasy characters, or really any Kingdom Hearts, given Disney’s relationship with SquareEnix already.

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. Definitely an original piece of work from Disney animations, even if it does get a bit conventional by the end. However, I still had a great time with this movie and look forward to sequels.

    • Yeah, the originality in this film was something that I’ve missed from Disney in a little while. Despite having characters we are familiar with, the movie also gave great new characters as well.

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