Grimm Poetry

Fairy tales have rich details, very specific things we identify the stories with. Not just ordinary details, either. Fairy tales have extraordinary details forming special connections to the story: a glass coffin, a glass slipper, an apple, a spindle, a red coat, a swan or a nutcracker. All of these ordinary things brought to life in the story. Each given special significance. The apple, for example, ordinary, but when associated with Snow White we attach poison, betrayal, magic, and evil. The apple becomes a symbol.

Today, write about something from a fairy tale. Use a character or an item that represents specific emotions and transform those details into a poem.

Post your work on the comments if you would like to discuss/ receive feedback.

Here is mine:

The still reflected in the glass,
Her quiet arms folded on her chest, breathless,
Waves of black curling around bare, mute, cold shoulders,
Soft petal lids, closed up in winter
Forever, the light hung from the sky
Glowing her skin -white, luminous
White Beauty boxed in
Still and fragile as glass.


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