Inspiration Deflation

I hate, hate, hate it when I want so much to write on something specific, but then I begin my downward spiral -a special combination of high motivation at the wrong time, zero motivation when I’m ready, lack of enthusiasm, blank mind, writers block, and inspiration deflation.

You know the month before I got into edit mode for publishing my collection I could not seem to zero in on my target. Absolutely no writing was working for me. Everything I produced was either terrible or non-existent. Then after I finally came back around I was flying.

So, my silver lining today, this week, maybe this month, will be that when this rut runs its course, amazing, inspired, uninhibited writing will just be shooting from my every vessel. And perhaps, fingers-crossed, my zombie book will be ready to publish -and (I don’t want to ask for too much here) but maybe my angel/demon novel will be well on its way for the hopeful spring release.

Off I go to get nothing done, or maybe something terrible.


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