Christmas, Codes and Contest!

Happy Thursday!

Are you all surprised that there are only 5 days until Christmas?? I sure am and I still have so much to do. I always think I’m ahead at the beginning of the month, but by the time it’s whittling down to the last days, I realize I am soooo behind! That’s alright, those haikus keep me sane and I get to wrap presents tonight, one of my favorite parts 🙂

Well today’s post is about giving. And I want to give you guys something.

For a FREE ebook copy of my poetry collection, A Sense of Light or Darkness, go to Smashwords and enter the code CQ64P.

But that’s not all!

If you would like a paperback copy you can go to Createspace and enter code K297HXJ8. It will give you 73% off, meaning you only pay for production and shipping.

But wait there’s more!

In the spirit of giving, I would love to hold a contest for the next 5 days. In the comments section below tell me your favorite poet. For each day, I will randomly choose a winner, a total of 5 winners, to receive a signed copy of A Sense of Light or Darkness.

All codes are good until January 2nd. If you have any trouble with them, just send me a message 🙂

Oh, one last thing, today is supposed to be Tantrum Thursday, so here is my tantrum: I wish I would have thought about the contest at the beginning of December. (That’s about as ranty as I feel today).



One thought on “Christmas, Codes and Contest!

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