Oh wow have I been binging out on candy, cookies, cake, pie, chocolate covered cherries and the most terribly delicious foods of the season. It’s so bad that lunch time comes around and my mouth waters for a sweet snack. (Yesterday my meals consisted of coffee -cream and sugar, a slice of chocolate cake, 2 shortbread cookies, a twizzler, 2 sugar cookies, a chocolate covered cherry, chicken stir fry and rice, and a Mountain Dew). I’m usually not so swayed by the sugary treats, but I have been loving, craving, satisfying those taste buds like crazy. I know at some point I’m going to get absolutely sick of it, and then crave salt and meat for two weeks, hopefully I can ease my way back to a balanced diet, but until then, bring on the fun dip, snickerdoodles, and hot chocolate.

My caramel coffee with cool whip and caramel sauce…

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