Contest Results and Resolutions

First thing’s first!

I was really excited to do a contest/giveaway of my poetry collection. I asked anyone to comment with their favorite poet and each day, for 5 days, I would select one person at random to receive a signed copy of A Sense of Light or Darkness. No one commented and this seriously depressed me, but I think, as writers know all too well, sometimes rejection or a lack of enthusiasm happens and we all experience it and we learn from it and how to deal with it. It’s part of writing and creating and pushes us to dig deeper, write better, and work harder.

So, despite the lack of comments, I would like to still give away the signed copies. There were 4 likes on my post so each of them get a signed copy, named as follows:

Please email me at an address to which I can send you a copy. Thank you for the interests and I hope you all enjoy the book.

Since it did not work out the way I had hoped, I would like to also give 2 additional signed copies to my highest commentators as shown by WordPress stats:

I really appreciate your participation and following of my blog and I hope you enjoy reading my first published work. Please email me (Β an address to which I can send your copy.

And now onto the workshop!

Writing down goals and resolutions is one step in committing to them.Making them visible, tangible, and accessible helps you to remember them. So today, I’m writing down my resolutions as an attempt at commitment.

  1. Writing Projects – there are several items that fall under this; finish Alphaeus by March, finish my zombie guide, make some solid headway on my gargoyle novel, always etc. etc.
  2. Maintain weight. I think it’s important to always make exercise and weight management a resolution -no matter what your goals are; maintain weight, build muscle, lean up, or lose 50lbs.
  3. Do a challenge. I’ve seen a few really fun reading and writing challenges that I would like to participate in. Now the challenge, picking one. Haha.
  4. Ireland vacation. I would love to start seeing the world, and first on my list is Ireland. As a subcategory – relearn geography. (Sometimes my imagination replaces real geography with a fake one.)
  5. Become a better blogger. The last couple weeks I’ve skipped writing a blog post on certain days. With the holidays and days off from work, I go see people or whatever I decide to do and I end up forgetting or procrastinating because I fool myself into believing I have time and will just do it later. I’m on the right track, I’ve just got to keep that productivity arrow pointed up.

5 thoughts on “Contest Results and Resolutions

  1. Something that’s helped me gain more followers last few months was adding a whole bunch of tags. I see you’ve got a few, but perhaps more will get more people/participation on your blog. Sorry I didn’t enter the contest-I was busy working retail for the holidays (eek!). But right now, I’m less busy and I will definitely make more time to comment on your work πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the tag tip, I’ll try it on my next post πŸ™‚ and I know the contest was in the middle of a really busy time for everyone, besides I have been lacking myself when it comes to commenting on others posts. I always mean to be more involved haha.

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t have as good a turnout as you’d hoped 😦 On the plus side, yay book! I’ll start reading it the second I get it in my hands πŸ™‚

    • It’s alright, I probably needed to advertise it a bit more than just throwing it out there, haha. Live and learn, next time I’ll try different tactics and get a buzz going πŸ™‚ Thank you, Very Exciting!!

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