M&M’S, The Colors Debate

You might think today’s rant is a silly one, but for whatever reason, it kind of irks me- Not in a blind rage way, but in the I am going to correct you politely way.

You know when people say they only eat the brown M&M’s? And their reasoning is that there must be less food coloring because chocolate is already brown?

I blame The Wedding Planner, the movie with Jennifer Lopez and that greasy guy, whom I’m sure half of you think is attractive. In it she says exactly that.

But M&M’s have a candy coating. And when you suck on them and re-examine, the inner coating is white, which means they create the colors artificially, even the brown ones. And if any had more or less it could stand that yellow may have the least, while brown has the most because brown takes more mixing and darker colors to create than yellow.


Companies spend a lot of time studying things like what color of red, specifically, is the most appealing to the majority of our demographic.


Rest assured, the candy companies have specifically generated each color to make them the most appealing possible, nevermind artificial colorings. The brown M&M’s have just as much artificial coloring as the rest.


if you only eat the brown ones think of how many calories you’ll be saving. If a bag has 250calories total and you only eat the 3 brown ones, your still saving yourself artificial coloring and real calories.

But, when I reach for a bag of M&M’s I’m not thinking about coloring or calories, I’m thinking this will fix my sugar low, however, that green is one of the best shades ever.


4 thoughts on “M&M’S, The Colors Debate

  1. How funny, I never thought of that lol. Probably cuz I never look at the colors either. Except maybe the special holiday ones haha. I heard the blue ones were supposed to be good for your spine or something cuz of what’s in the dye. And everyone says the green ones make you horny. Your favorite huh?

  2. Hi Liz,
    An interesting thought. The thing is colors matter in consumption intent. Yes and we ‘eat with our eyes’. Many people do not think about it, yet they FEEL it. And the current marketing is increasingly about measuring feelings, not only thinking and declaration. The neuroscience does that now quite precisely and without much ado. So you raised a valid point – the M&M guys probably spend a lot of time on selecting the right color.
    All the best and greetings from Poland,

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