The Exciting Evil Dead

I am a horror movie nut! I love all the greats, but here is the terrible part… I love the bad ones too. I annoy my boyfriend with my necessity to watch terrible horror movies all the time. (I’m sure plenty more posts will arise with terrible horror topics)

However, the new Evil Dead looks amazing, and by amazing I mean terribly gory and creepy. I can’t wait 🙂

Check out this article from Fearnet

And make sure to watch the trailer!


One thought on “The Exciting Evil Dead

  1. This reboot is interesting because the original is known for being very tongue in cheek, falling into a “so bad it’s good category” but this appears to be trying to be one of the great one. Hubby says they are making the movie they would have originally made if they had the budget. Check out my Evil Dead post

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