A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is the story of Diana Bishop. Diana Bishop, a witch who has all but forsaken her use of magic, accidentally calls out a manuscript -a manuscript widely searched for, that many believed lost. The calling of the manuscript gathers the attention of many supernatural beings; vampires, witches and demons. One vampire, Matthew Clairmont, though his goal is to access and understand the manuscript, is compelled to protect Diana, compelled to fall in love with her -a forbidden romance. Now the manuscript and their relationship are gaining the attention of the Congregation, an entity designed to govern the supernatural beings.

I thought this book, the plot was decent. However, I think Harkness really did an excellent job with creating strong characters. A Discovery of Witches has a lot of different characters, between witches, vampires, and demons. I think with so many different kinds of characters in a book, readers could become disoriented with who was who or what, but Harkness did an excellent job at making each character very specific. I mostly enjoyed that demons could not sit still.

Another thing I think Harkness does exceptionally well is develop very interesting ways of Diana’s magic pouring our of her. The scene where Diana first experiences witch water is fantastic.

I think I cared very little about the actual plot of the manuscript, but the characters and description of Diana’s magic made me keep turning those pages.


4 thoughts on “A Discovery of Witches

  1. Sheila says:

    Great review. I absolutely adore this book. I hope you’ll also read the Shadow of Night. One of my favorite things about the books is that Deb Harkness, as a historian, does nothing by accident. With extra study, you’ll find that no references or names are accidental. Also, the book has been optioned by WB to be made into a movie. I’m hoping Richard Armitage will be cast as Matthew Clairmont. You can check out our crusade at http://www.armitage4clairmont.com

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