Abuse of the System

I work hard. I pay bills and buy food. I buy food after I pay bills, which means I budget. I try to determine how much I am allowed to spend for food every two weeks or once a month depending on how it goes. It can be stressful sometimes because I get paid the 1st and the 15th, which means not all pay checks are the same amount. When there is a 9 day pay period it sucks.

Anyways, I usually allot between $40 and $80 to buy groceries about every two weeks. Now, those groceries feed 2 people, Justin and myself. (We have roommates who eat with us some nights and sometimes we eat what they’ve bought and sometimes we eat what we’ve bought. So, I think it generally evens out.)
Which means on a very tight budget I can feed myself for $20 for 2 weeks. That’s pretty awesome.

Here comes the rant

If you are homeless the government allows you food stamps (I fully support) they have recently allowed these food stamps, now managed by a card so food card, to be used at fast food places (I see no problem with that, in fact that’s great because if a person is homeless where are they going to store groceries?) But I recently learned that one person, let me stress ONE person ( no dependents, no children, not married) is given $200 for a month.

200 dollars. 5 times the amount I give myself on a tight budget.

You want to give $200 to a person with one dependent? Do it. I support. You want to give someone $200 for food and clothes for a month? I support. But that is a lot for one person for food.

I don’t think that money should go to anything else, we need to help the homeless and the unemployed. I just think a portion of that money could be spent more wisely. Perhaps building shelters.

By using a portion of that money in other ways you limit the amount wasted, sold and abused and guarantee that that money is used for what it is intended, to help.

Meanwhile, I’ll work my a$$ off to provide for 2 people for $40 (at best) BELOW what is given by the government.

I’m not mad that that money is available to help people, I’m mad because people abuse the system and we do not implement ways to better manage that abuse.


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