The MLP Story

I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Want to know the story? Of course you do, because it’s hilarious.

I never watched MLP growing up. So, when my boyfriend admitted he had watched it and said it was actually a pretty good show I decided, “Alright, I’ll find an episode and watch.” (Also, he grew up with mostly girls; a sister, girl cousins, so I excused this girly show watching. Plus, he balanced it out pretty well with more “boy” cartoons -laughs)

Anyways, I watched an episode. However, I didn’t realize I had actually chose to watch the new, updated version of MLP, MLP: Friendship is Magic. I immediatly called him back and said, “That show is pretty good, it’s great. I’m watching more.” And he was all, “Uuuhhh, ookay…”

Then I made him watch an episode with me and he obviously realized it was a different one than he had watched growing up. He sat through one episode and came to the same conclusion. This show is great.

I am not ashamed to admit that when Saturday mornings come around, we both look forward to watching MLP – said the 26 year old whose only child is her inner one.

But how can you argue with a show that casts John de Lancie as the villian, Discord? At least that’s Justin’s logic.

Here is my logic:

And I really do.


3 thoughts on “The MLP Story

  1. I’ve been tempted to watch this show for some time, especially from learning from my brother about “Bronies” — aka 20-something year old guys who are obsessed with the show for no apparent reason. But if it’s as good as you say, then clearly I need to give it a shot!

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