By now I’m sure everyone has heard and seen videos of the meteorite that exploded over Russia. Watching the videos it is easy to understand the confusion or panic behind witnessing this atmospheric phenomena rarely beheld. One of the craziest parts of the video, for me at least, was how the lighting seemed normal at the start, then of course you see all the flashing, blinding light and when it stops it seems in contrast that it is way darker than it was before. I can only imagine how humbling it was to witness that intensity. The bright flashing lights, the force you can almost feel just through video footage, the stream of fire trailing behind, and that shocking darkness left after the flashes fade out are certainly images no one will soon forget.

Maybe it was the universe’s Valentines gift to the world but it arrived a little late.

So happy Sci-Friday Russia and world,
Love Universe.


One thought on “Meteorite!

  1. Lol. That meteor was pretty strange. I sure hope anither one diesnt hit us. Lol

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