Warm Bodies, a Zombie Love Story

Over the weekend I was able to go to the movies 🙂 the choice was Warm Bodies, the zombie love story.

When I watched the trailer for this movie months and months ago my thoughts were “oh this looks funny, but cheesy and it will probably be a let down.

It was not a let down. In fact, since I had moderate to low expectations for the movie I was pleasantly surprised.

Was it cheesy? Yes, it was still cheesy, but it had a very comedic delivery. It was one of those movies that knew what their audience would think after each scenario and so they played to it. If the scene made you think “Oh God, seriously?” a character would say that exact thought out loud and that made it pretty darn funny.

I guess I should give you the whole synopsis though.

R is a zombie, named such because he cannot remember his name. He just knows it started with R. He does normal zombie things like walk and grunt and eat, but he also collects items- a whole airplane full, very Ariel’s grotto like with thingamabobs, woozits and a record player. Life as a zombie was dragging, but then out on a food run (walk) he sees Julie a blonde, shot gun wielding living girl and decides he likes her, so he takes her to keep her safe and into his plane of collections she goes. They are forced to spend some time together and he saves her life a couple times. she begins to realize how unlike a zombie he seems, but she wants to go home, a military guarded place her father runs with a giant wall built around.

As she tries to make her way back other zombies notice she is living and R comes to the rescue. When the zombies realize what R is doing something in them starts to change, to remember being human, but this change attracts the attention of “bonies,” the completely fleshless and ruthless versions all zombies turn into eventually.

So, yes, it was weird and cheesy and the romance strange, but with the way the movie was handled, the script and the delivery , it all worked successfully. It was funny, and those “boney” zombies were pretty creepy. R’s character was hilarious.

This is one that, if you think it’s going to be lame, just give it a chance anyways. No matter your humor, you’ll laugh at least once.

One last thing, this love story between R and Julie has the undertones of, yep you guessed it, Romeo and Juliet, complete with a balcony scene. With all the recent classics gone fantasy, this one is a nicely subtle addition. It strikes the key notes of the classic but does not fully orchestrate the plot, which is enough to tickle the literature fans, but not quite enough to annoy the R and J haters, and leaves the teasing thought that these two might actually die by the end.


5 thoughts on “Warm Bodies, a Zombie Love Story

  1. I made the Romeo & Juliet connection with the balcony scene, but I totally missed that their initials were R and J. I feel very silly now. And I loved this movie. My favourite scene was when R and M were chilling in the airport, and they had an entire conversation in grunts. I couldn’t stop laughing. People were looking at me funny. Clearly they didn’t get the joke.

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