Quick Post

So I’ve had a crazy day, with crazy people – and not the good kind, so I am very tired and very, very happy it’s Friday. Granted all the craziness was not directed at me so that’s good, but still it is very draining. So this post is going to be short. In fact just a question.

Since Game of Thrones is returning season 3 and I love the show (the book so far is also fantastic) I pose the following question:

Who is you favorite character and your most hated character? Explanations please.

My favorite character (and it is a very hard choice) is Arya. She is smart and tough and her journey is hard. You can see the kid in her when she’s frustrated trying to explain something and the adult willfulness and determination as she faces the future.

And my most hated character… Joffrey. The kid who plays him in the series does such a good job I almost want to send him real hate mail. Thankfully, I’m an adult about my tv show watching and fantasy characters, so they never actually reach the mailbox.


4 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. Love love love Jaime Lannister. Okay, yes, so he’s got the whole incest thing going on, and what he did to Bran was extremely not cool, but … what can I say? He’s just so awesome, words cannot describe. Also a big fan of Arya and Daenerys.

    Hate … Walder Frey. HATE HIM. ARGH.

    • Oh Jamie Lannister, I can’t say I really like him, but yet I do. He’s one of the rare characters that if something bad happens to him I smile and when something good happens to him I smile also.

      Walder Frey is an awful thing, I forgot about him, completely agree.

      Game of Thrones has so many characters to get attached to. You think you have in mind your favorite but then you remember another awesome character. At least, that’s what I find myself doing.

      It’s hard not to bring up Dany. Who doesn’t love a fire resisting dragon princess?

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