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I am currently playing the new Tomb Raider and it’s pretty good so far 🙂


5 thoughts on “Gaming Post

  1. I would like to vote for Kingdom Hearts 3, whenever they get around to making/releasing it. It’s been like 8 years — it has to be coming soon!!!

    • Until then… Dream Drop Distance! I just still have not bought a 3DS. I’m really hoping KH3 comes out kind of with the PS4.

      Once, I tried to calculate how long until KH3 would be out based on the time between the first two games and the time between the DS side games… it didn’t help.

      • Well, on the positive side, I have heard rumours that they’re going to start planning KH3 next, because Dream Drop Distance is supposed to be the last game before they reach KH3. Or something. I actually asked for a 3DS for Christmas specifically to play DDD, and it’s awesome!!! There’s a really cool combat system called “flowmotion”, not to mention there’s tons of Sora and Riku for me to ogle. Yay 😀

      • Ooo Yay, Lol I need to seriously just go buy it. Did you like the 358/2 Days game? I was fairly disappointed, but Roxas is kind of boring. I was happy to see a lot of Axel though haha

      • I didn’t have a DS back then, so I downloaded an emulator. But it was really hard to play on my computer, so sadly I only got like an hour into the game. I do know the basic premise, though. I need to go back and finish it before KH3 comes out. Oooh, and that Birth By Sleep one … I’ll have to find an emulator for that, because I refuse to buy another game system, lol. Why couldn’t they just stick to one platform???

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