Well, not many of my pictures will show you all this, but I wear glasses. I mean I’m supposed to wear glasses – and I do in most cases, for driving, watching tv, going to the movies, or when I’m out and really want to see my surroundings. For pictures and at work, or just hanging out though I am often -1 pair.

I however, recently decided to switch to contacts. I’ve worn the fun colored, non-prescription type before, so I knew it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And it’s not, the first couple times I put them in it took about 15 minutes. And taking them out was a real pain (I don’t like the idea of squeezing my eye, too many Stephen King moments pop into my head… Haha “pop”) but by the third time I’ve knocked it down to 5min. and only one eye gives me a hard time when taking them out. I’m sure it will get easier and easier and now I can see! Like normal people!

I’m also hoping that since I shouldn’t be switching between good and bad vision all day long and by not having the pressure of glasses on my face, maybe that will help ease some of my migraines.

And how am I turning this post into Sci-Friday worthy material? THIS!

3 thoughts on “Contacts!

  1. I’ve been wearing glass since I was seven(almost thirty one now) and I tried contacts a couple of years ago but before I’d even left the opticians I’d given up on them as I all but freaked out putting them in and out and when they were in I felt like my eyes were on fire. So back to the good old spectacles 🙂

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