Candy Crush Your Soul

I really wish I could give you guys a review of the first Game of Thrones book, but I’m still reading it. I’m currently on page 627 and there are a total of 807 pages. 180 to go! Woohoo! That would be why I have not reviewed a book in awhile. Soon though.

Instead of a book, again, I will review an app, Candy Crush.

Candy Crush is an app game available to play for apple products, android and through Facebook. If you ever wanted to play a Bejeweled and Candyland at the same time, well, this is the game to play. It’s basic gameplay is inspired by Bejeweled (you know Tetris on sparkly steroids), where you align three alike and blow up the board, but there are a few unique differences. As you progress you gain different bonuses. These bonuses are candies that help you clear the board. To get these candies you need to one of several things like connect four or more, or connect a three length “L” shape. Each different connection makes a different candy, like a doughnut, or wrapped candy. Then if you are able to swipe together two special candies they super attack the board. I have not played Bejeweled in a million years so I don’t remember if they have specific goals for each level. Well, Candy Crush does. Each level challenges you to break all the jellies, or drop the fruit down, or reach a certain score in a set amount of turns or time. And I have to say, it gets frustratingly difficult. But the biggest difference is that Candy Crush allows you to move along a colored board into different areas and take part in a storyline, while watching where your Facebook friends are on the board as well. You can give lives and tickets to each to help reach the next level and you can see which person got the highest score.

Here’s the thing, this game is stupidly addictive. Justin started playing the game when my friend asked him to just give her a ticket. He had refused playing the “boring, same, lame little game.” Then once he gave her the ticket, he didn’t stop playing until finally he had to completely uninstall it.

Also, it’s extremely frustrating. I would get stuck on a level for days, hating myself every time I got 1 move away and then lost. Then when I beat the level, danced a short victory dance, the game plunged me into the next, harder and more frustrating level to be sitting at for the next few days.

I think it’s mostly luck, winning some of these levels and when luck’s not on your side, it sucks.

But however frustrating, however similar, Candy Crush is still a fun game to waste your time with, though I don’t know why.

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