Solomon Kane, Surprisingly Decent

The movie Solomon Kane is currently on X-Box for free viewing. Since I saw free I decided to check it out. I viewed the trailer first, to see how interesting it seemed. Well, I was surprised it was a free viewing, because the production value was pretty darn good, the storyline seemed promising and there were intriguing characters I wanted to see in action.

And it followed through.

Who doesn’t like a story about a ruthless, greedy pirate (maybe privateer), whose soul is damned and needs redemption. Sound fairly decent for the foundation plot? I’d say so. Solomon Kane is fearless, he is ruthless, his men are expendable, killing comes naturally to him, until on a raid he comes into a room where, after all his men are killed by souls/demons, he stands alone, still fearless, against a reaper. The reaper informs him that the darkness will come for him and he is bound for Hell. This scares Solomon into seeking sanctuary and restoring his life to a peace, in hopes that he will find redemption. Still haunted by dreams of his past Solomon is asked to leave so that he may find his own path of redemption.

Leaving his sanctuary, but upholding his peaceful ways Solomon refused to fight when he needed to the most -not to kill for the sake, or because he is good at it, or for greed, but because it fighting is sometimes the correct response.

The consequences of his lack of fighting and standing up for others, forces him back into the killing lifestyle, forfeiting his redemption, but a large point in the movie is that many different journeys are actually the path to redemption, and for Solomon, killing is a part of himself part of his path to redemption.

The movie definitely delivered interesting creatures, from the initial mirror souls, and the reaper, to witches and Black Plague zombies, sorcerers and a masked raider, but this plot had a lot going on. So much so, that in fact may have been its hiccup. It was all great, but I wanted to see more of certain things. The revelation at the end was fantastic, but it was muddled by another character being present. I think this could have been solved by making the movie longer, or cutting some characters so the main ones can have more time. I think it actually would have worked well as a mini series.

Another thing that threw me off a little was trying to figure out the time period. With the buckled pirate/privateer look, the donning of the Puritan buckled hat, the castles, and the wood carriages, the presence of the Black Plague, I may be completely wrong here (I’m certainly no expert) but it just had me flipping from the 14th century to the 16th.

All in all it was really entertaining, very well done in most respects. It made me wonder why it did not release to theaters, because if Eragon could make some money, this one certainly could also.


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