Rolling Up My Sleeves

Okay, today I get to tell you about the amazing plans I have for the backyard. First we are removing the bricks that outline the yard so that we can extend both sides of the patio completely across. Then we are taking back about a foot and a half off the patio. With those bricks we plan to create a half moon area from the middle. The next goal is to build up a brick bench and fire-pit (I found a how to that looks pretty simple).

Then for the grass area,we’ll put in some sod. In the far left corner we want a small fountain and pond, maybe some koi then from the pond extending out a small river.

For plant life, we would like to have on the right side, a peach tree, a plum tree and a lemon tree. I really like these specific trees because they do well in the desert, the color of the leaves on the lemon tree is vibrant green, the peach and plum both flower, one white and one red and I use all three fruits. Climbing plants all along the walls as well as stalks of bamboo and (maybe) sunflowers added when we have even more available funds.

I know all if this can take quite awhile, but we are only doing little bits at a time as we have the money to do so. For right not we are just focusing on the bricks and sod. When we see how many bricks we have left over (if any) we will have a better idea what we can afford to do next.



2 thoughts on “Rolling Up My Sleeves

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    I love gardening. It’s relaxing and it helps also with getting exercise. I think your plans are great. Not too ambitious, but perfect. It’ll take some time to get it just right. I know the garden we have out front for us took some time to get it the way we wanted, but alas, we’ll have to clean up this year and try a different approach. Ah, the challenges!

    • I agree, especially moving these bricks, I am getting a pretty decent workout haha. I know I’ll definitely encounter some set backs, especially when i start to plant trees (and the pond is an intimidating venture) but it is so exciting watching it come together.

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