Theaters Beware Evil Dead is Here

Gasp! Evil Dead is out and I am trembling with excitement to see it, but I am going to wait until my brother comes to town next week. I have been reading many reviews, from Entertainment Weekly to random links off news pages and all have said the same thing- it’s a cringe worthy, shut your eyes, nibble your nails, scare and gore galore, blood on blood bath.

Now, I’m not the type of horror fan that completely relishes in only carnage, (But sometimes I do relish, for instance: first Saw was great, all the rest, meh, at the same time I will go see any and every Final Destination) I need a decent story and above all I want that anticipation that leaves you tightening your fist and pulling your knees up just so they are not dangling over into the dark unknown void under your theater seat.

The story is the basic formula of many horrors, teenagers awakening something evil and trying not to die.

The question is does Evil Dead deliver on building tension and absorbing your attention? My bet says yes. Have you seen the trailer??

Are any of you excited to see Evil Dead? And who will you be seeing it with? I know you’re not going alone, even if movies do not scare you, you might just need an extra sleeve to heave into when the razors and tongues come out.

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