Press App Tracker

So I found an app that is fantastic! It is called App Tracker. Basically, it tracks apps that have lowered their price or recently have dropped to free. It’s a nice change from swiping through the same top apps from the Apple App Store. There are few different menus: Now Free, Top Free, Price Drop, and Tracking. In most menus you are able to sort from recent, popular, and random. It’s a fairly simple app, but it is really useful when you want to surf the app world for random goodies and hidden gems. I have found a couple of apps through App Tracker that I would not have found otherwise.

If you are always looking for free apps, this tracker is for you. Press this App and check it out 🙂

Here is an in-app screenshot.



Press or Pass Apps: Goodreads

A couple weeks ago I downloaded an app called Goodreads. The app, or website if you wish to use that, allows you to rate books you have read, store books on a to-read shelf, organize different shelves, and see what your friends are reading.

Goodreads makes it easy to see what your friends are currently reading, what they thought of different books and what they are interested in reading next by linking to your Facebook friends. The basic “shelves” include currently reading, to-read and read. You have the option of adding other shelves, but I have not figured out what other shelves would be useful. The app also recommends books based on what you have read and rated highly, which helps locating other to-read books. There is also a scan option if you have a book that you would like to rate, just take a picture and there it is. The app offers an event calendar, which I don’t use, but its nice to see the option.

I think this app is great, I literally spent 2 hours initially rating books I’ve read and adding to my to-read shelf. One thing I find awesome about this app is that finding new books is easy, they offer multiple categories to explore like basic genres; mystery, romance, thriller, as well as less common; spiritual, religious, self-help, and they even offer random groups; highest rated in 2012, most searched histories, and most liked protagonists.

My one main irritation with Goodreads is often when you come to the end of a list, and want more, you press the “see more books” at the bottom, however when it re-loads it does not load new books, but instead the same books with a few new ones. It’s strange, they need to fix that bug. Other than that I think it’s great to be able to link up with friends while being able to have a place to organize a list of to-reads. I also love that WordPress offers Goodreads as a widget (which is how I learned about the app).