2013 Tomb Raider

I have played several of the Tomb Raider games and when I initially heard of the 2013 reboot, I was pretty excited, wary but excited. I was nervous because the last few Tomb Raider games seemed kind of lack luster.

So my roommate and I went in together and bought the game for the house.

Ok I have to warn everyone out there, when you first start the game prepare to be frustrated. The controls are hard to maneuver and your combat level is really low. It feels like a struggle. Which is exactly how I think it was meant to feel.

I have yet to finish the game, but even now a little more than half way through, I have a different outlook on the game.

Seriously, when I first started it, I was dying left and right and there were too many people, the odds were always against me.

But, as you progress, you gain skills, weapons, combat experience and better control of the character.

I was taking on several guys after losing the majority of my weapons and I realized I was doing pretty well. I felt the controls were less spastic, even Lara had a change in attitude. In the beginning she was very hesitant and continually doubted if she could do whatever it was she was about to do. Then, as the adventure grew harder and darker she was changing, now giving herself self affirmations, “I can do this.” At the point of game I am currently playing, Lara’s whole outlook has done a 360. In one moment she actually screams, “That’s right run, I’m coming for you!”

The turn around is great, especially for a reboot. I almost started to not like the game because of the controls starting out, but in retrospect it was a smart decision. To literally feel like your helpless, and you actually doubt Lara builds the story and makes for a more realistic gameplay. At 18, Lara would not start out immediately as this brutal fighter, but develop into one. This game tells THAT story.

So if you started Tomb Raider and abandoned it for reasons I almost did, or if you were too wary to even pick it up, I urge you to give it a chance. The plot is great, the character development is some of the best and the tombs are beautiful. And trust me the controls get better.


Theaters Beware Evil Dead is Here

Gasp! Evil Dead is out and I am trembling with excitement to see it, but I am going to wait until my brother comes to town next week. I have been reading many reviews, from Entertainment Weekly to random links off news pages and all have said the same thing- it’s a cringe worthy, shut your eyes, nibble your nails, scare and gore galore, blood on blood bath.

Now, I’m not the type of horror fan that completely relishes in only carnage, (But sometimes I do relish, for instance: first Saw was great, all the rest, meh, at the same time I will go see any and every Final Destination) I need a decent story and above all I want that anticipation that leaves you tightening your fist and pulling your knees up just so they are not dangling over into the dark unknown void under your theater seat.

The story is the basic formula of many horrors, teenagers awakening something evil and trying not to die.

The question is does Evil Dead deliver on building tension and absorbing your attention? My bet says yes. Have you seen the trailer??

Are any of you excited to see Evil Dead? And who will you be seeing it with? I know you’re not going alone, even if movies do not scare you, you might just need an extra sleeve to heave into when the razors and tongues come out.


Well, not many of my pictures will show you all this, but I wear glasses. I mean I’m supposed to wear glasses – and I do in most cases, for driving, watching tv, going to the movies, or when I’m out and really want to see my surroundings. For pictures and at work, or just hanging out though I am often -1 pair.

I however, recently decided to switch to contacts. I’ve worn the fun colored, non-prescription type before, so I knew it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And it’s not, the first couple times I put them in it took about 15 minutes. And taking them out was a real pain (I don’t like the idea of squeezing my eye, too many Stephen King moments pop into my head… Haha “pop”) but by the third time I’ve knocked it down to 5min. and only one eye gives me a hard time when taking them out. I’m sure it will get easier and easier and now I can see! Like normal people!

I’m also hoping that since I shouldn’t be switching between good and bad vision all day long and by not having the pressure of glasses on my face, maybe that will help ease some of my migraines.

And how am I turning this post into Sci-Friday worthy material? THIS!

Gaming Post

I am currently playing the new Tomb Raider and it’s pretty good so far 🙂

Quick Post

So I’ve had a crazy day, with crazy people – and not the good kind, so I am very tired and very, very happy it’s Friday. Granted all the craziness was not directed at me so that’s good, but still it is very draining. So this post is going to be short. In fact just a question.

Since Game of Thrones is returning season 3 and I love the show (the book so far is also fantastic) I pose the following question:

Who is you favorite character and your most hated character? Explanations please.

My favorite character (and it is a very hard choice) is Arya. She is smart and tough and her journey is hard. You can see the kid in her when she’s frustrated trying to explain something and the adult willfulness and determination as she faces the future.

And my most hated character… Joffrey. The kid who plays him in the series does such a good job I almost want to send him real hate mail. Thankfully, I’m an adult about my tv show watching and fantasy characters, so they never actually reach the mailbox.


By now I’m sure everyone has heard and seen videos of the meteorite that exploded over Russia. Watching the videos it is easy to understand the confusion or panic behind witnessing this atmospheric phenomena rarely beheld. One of the craziest parts of the video, for me at least, was how the lighting seemed normal at the start, then of course you see all the flashing, blinding light and when it stops it seems in contrast that it is way darker than it was before. I can only imagine how humbling it was to witness that intensity. The bright flashing lights, the force you can almost feel just through video footage, the stream of fire trailing behind, and that shocking darkness left after the flashes fade out are certainly images no one will soon forget.

Maybe it was the universe’s Valentines gift to the world but it arrived a little late.

So happy Sci-Friday Russia and world,
Love Universe.

PS4 What? And Poetry for Valentines

Sci-Friday everyone! And what does that mean? I bring you a small piece of relatively related to science news, info, picture, video whatever I decide and my decision is this video!

Isn’t it interesting? Sony gives us a date and that’s it. It’s a 45 second video of a date. I assume the date means that Sony will announce something on Febuary 20th. What could it be? Oh how about the next gen console?? Thats right, gear up for PS4.

Sony is jumping ahead this year to beat Microsoft to the punch. Microsoft will also be unveiling their next console fairly soon and both should be ready to be at the tip top of your Christmas list this year!

So start saving!

Also, on another note. As Valentines Day is right around the corner, I would like to ask, what’s more special than a poem to read to your special someone? Check out A Sense of Light or Darkness and say ” I love you” in one of the most romantic ways.

“I heard, you spoke like petals
With your iridescent grin
Just like before
I follow my shadow
And fall for you again.”

“-bittersweetness resting with it’s subtle changes
Like orange scattered leaves
Waiting for a wind.”

Or maybe your relationship is not all candied hearts and you would like to read something more sober.

“It’s broken frame
(An illusion of wholeness)
While jagged edges bursting light off
In different directions
Remind the air
Of its partial existence.”
Broken Vase

Whether your in love, in hate, or happily enjoying your single freedom, this collection offers both light and dark sides of many types of relationships.