Also, Top Pick Tuesday Thank You

Showing her support, my friend sent me this picture. I get giddy every-time I see it, probably because my book is sitting with some great literary works ūüôā

This post is to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone supporting me, by reading my posts, following me on anything, buying my collection, or anticipating with me the arrival of new works.



Summer/Winter July Special

I did not realize, but Smashwords does a Summer/Winter July special for books willing to participate. So, from right now till July 31st you can buy my ebook for 75% off. Just use the code SSW75 That makes it only $1.25.

Here is the link A Sense of Light or Darkness


The Importance of Being Edited

When I first started saying aloud that I wanted to self-publish, I received quite a bit of advice from others. One friend in particular, who has traveled the self-publishing path very successfully, was able to steer me in the directions I wanted to go. I was able to navigate the sites I wanted to use much easier with her advice. Among that advice she gave me was the edit, edit, edit rule. Which is basically edit your work yourself, have a friend edit or, and the best, hire an editor. I decided to edit myself. I know the importance of editing, I know how crucial it is to scan and re-scan writing for all the many errors that can be so easily overlooked. I based my reasoning for editing myself on the fact that my book was a collection of poetry, not a novel. I knew that if it were a novel I would hire an editor, but I did not realize how many mistakes I would overlook in poetry.

I have words like “th” or “thr” instead of “the” and “though” instead of “through” and every mistake further strips the readers confidence that I am a good writer. I knew that, but for some reason didn’t follow not only my friends advice, but my own rules as a writer as well. I think for the most part I edit my own work fairly well, so what went wrong?

Excitement. Anticipation. The readiness to publish and the unintended too brief scanning before clicking submit.

So, my advice, stifle your excitement of publishing (I know it’s hard) and thoroughly review your work, not just once, but several times over, especially if you do not hire an editor (which for anything novel length is the only way to go). I still stand behind editing yourself or with friend for poetry (or any similar works -maybe cookbooks or short stories). Maybe schedule a weekend or two to simply edit, so it’s marked on the calendar and you have made a commitment to your work and yourself.

One silver lining I have is I am able to re-submit my book with no interruptions to selling and no need to pull it off sites, and once the resubmitted version is accepted and uploaded it transfers over seamlessly -making only the initial copies typo-ed. Ah, the world of print on demand!

I feel ashamed in myself for allowing the mistakes to run by me unnoticed and I hope by reading this you, any of you future self-publishers heed the warnings of my experience the way I should have heeded my friends.

With every experience we gain a better insight in which to venture into our next experience. Although I am shammed by my mistakes, I am proud of how much I’ve grown and look forward to all my future endeavors, welcoming the inevitable future mistakes.

We grow, we learn, we grow more.

A Poem to Read

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share another poem with you guys. This one is from about 4 or 5 years ago, and although my style has refined and changed in the last few years it holds a lot of similarities to my current trends in writing.

This poem follows an exercise you may be familiar with, known as the cut and paste or the black out. In this exercise you take a couple different forms of writing, things very different from each other (like a garden magazine and news article), for this I chose a Game Informer Magazine and an article about customs in Mexico. After all the editing, I think the article vanished from the poem, but I kept the tie with the article in Game Informer tight. It’s easy for one piece to overshadow the other, but I think what this exercise is supposed to help do is bring together words you wouldn’t naturally think go together and inspire you to use words in unexpected ways. On one level, I do not think this exercise was successful. I did not meld the two writings together in a way that takes the reader away from both and into something new. However, I think the words I have chosen to put together are interesting and create a story of their own. It has bits that I love and bits that I think still do not work well, but I like the rhythm and the energy, the mystery and the journey and I hope you like it too.

Dear GI

From day and back
No checkpoints
The recent forgettable years.
the mind is an untold legend.

A player, stunning,
Far to endure the fight.
your great hunger.
Page your overlooked
The true.

Yet enter the interest,
my decided Wanderer.
The thoughts, though never the same, have us related.

You will climb a vast city,
The darkness receding before you
To see beyond the flesh and bone
Beyond the sickness that ravages within.

A few first falls
and familiarity forms.
You will hone a finer final force.

You will learn
Warned seals blaze madly
Worn fields grace you sadly.

Command and
Touch Oblivion.

Facing yourself
Trace your memory.
Challenging your
Longest Journey.

Of Shadow Hearts and

Embrace a horrible ending.

For you are:
Landstalker, Wanderer.

Available on Amazon

Good morning everyone! I am extremely happy to let you all know that A Sense of Light or Darkness is available in paperback on Amazon as of this morning. Just click here to be taken to the page. It is priced at $9.99, but right now Amazon is having a 4 for 3 special where, if you buy 4 qualifying items, the lowest priced item is free. Plus, as always, they have their super savers shipping for orders of $25 or more.

As for the ebook version, it is still available for Kindle, Nook, Apple, PDF download through I will update you when the ebook is distributed to the actual Kindle, Nook, etc. sites. One benefit of going through Smashwords is you may purchase the book once and download it in any format or all formats as many times as you would like. That means you could have it stored on your Kindle and your laptop and any other device you want -a very convenient option.

If you read it, make sure to leave a review, on Amazon, Smashwords or here, on my blog. I would love to know your thoughts.

One last thing! As a celebration for this release, any purchase made this weekend is eligible for 20% off list price. For Smashwords, enter the code LA37Z during your checkout. For 20% off the paperback you will need to make the purchase through Createspace and use the code GDAQMQNW.

This promotion will be good until Monday, July 2nd, 7am.

Thanks everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy!

Createspace Upload

Today I am working on creating the print version of A Sense of Light or Darkness. I am using Createspace powered through Amazon and it is a very user friendly tool. I uploaded a .docx of my manuscript that had errors in it and when the program launched the interior viewer, it was easy to see what the errors were. I downloaded the template for the book size I wanted  I readjusted the text in Word. After finalizing the document I re-uploaded and reviewed the interior a second time. With some other adjustments and a couple other uploads to ensure I had the pages on the sides I wanted them on (like the title page I wanted on the right side), I was done. Then comes uploading the cover image. Again the site gives you everything you would need to know to upload your own image easily, or you can chose to design one through them (good option if you still want a do it yourself option but are not graphically/artistically inclined).

I will update you more as the book is reviewed by the site and becomes available.

A Sense of Light or Darkness

Yay! I just finished uploading my poetry collection to Smashwords. Check it out! I think the cover art came out beautifully, thank you all for your suggestions and support. There is a sample of the book available that includes about 4 poems out of the 40 I have written in the collection. Take a peek!

Smashwords is a site I have heard great reviews about and chose because if formatted properly (mine is still under review) your book will be distributed to affiliates like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Apple among others. Formatting was time consuming, but¬†relatively¬†easy (we’ll see if it bounces back with any errors). I am certain that it only took me so long because 1) it was my first time publishing and 2) it was a poetry collection which requires a bit more attention.

Along with the acceptance I hope to have in distributing to the other sites through Smashwords, I plan on making a print copy available soon via Createspace. I will tell you more when I dive into it.

But, for now I wanted to share the awesome news.

Here is a direct link to check it out: A Sense of Light or Darkness