Silent Hill: Revelations, Best Left Silent

Last night I Red Boxed Silent Hill: Revelations 3D

I was really excited to see this movie and a little sad I missed the 3D theater showing. However, after seeing the movie I am happy I didn’t waste more than 2 bucks on it. It was not terrible, but certainly a disappointment.

Heather f.n.a. Sharon a.k.a. Alessya has moved with her dad to a new town, again. She believes they are running from the police because her father killed a man, but her visions, dreams and waking nightmares haunt her. Vincent, a fellow classmate, also new to town attempts to befriend her even after she makes a speech about how she’s not worth wasting any time on because she’ll be on to the next school before anyone learns anything about her anyways. After running into a PI several times and a nightmarish experience, Vincent walks her home, only for her to find her dad missing and a bloody message on the wall, calling her back to Silent Hill. Through her fathers notes and articles she starts to learn her real identity and past and must decide to either heed her fathers warning and stay away from Silent Hill, or try to find him in the place she thought was only a dream. Of course, she returns and discovers even more about herself.

I really enjoyed the first Silent Hill movie, so my expectations may have been a bit revved up by the excitement that they made another. That aside I still think the movie lacked.

The plot jumped right in, and in this case it was a little too fast. I would have liked a bit more build up and anticipation in many areas. So the pace of the movie was just off in general. Vincent was annoying. Heather was a solid character, even if her script lacked a bit so in so made her likable and convincing.

The monsters were not very scary. It seemed that there were only 2 that I whispered, “oh cool” to when they appeared. Maybe because it was a 3D geared movie they toned down the creatures as a scare tactic balancing act, so that a really creepy monster didn’t nearly hit you in the face and make you want to have a heart attack.

And the climax was not very climactic.

Also, just a personal preference, but I don’t care for nor do I find scary, clowns. The amusement park, fair type setting in part of the movie was very blah. I feel like they thought it was this great idea to have a carousel engulfed in flames sink into the ground. It wasn’t. Visually stunning, nope. Concept, (again personal preference of carousels speaking) lame.

Where the movie did well was in a couple areas. I liked Heather’s character (already mentioned that). Everyone, aside from Heather/Sharon/Alessya, reprised their roles. And I don’t think it was bad decision for Jodelle Ferland to not play the character. I liked Adelaide Clemens though it caused a bit of confusion. I liked Ferland in the original also, but when I looked up pictures of her she still looks pretty young, she could pass for 18, but to me she looks no more than 16.

Or maybe she read the script and said no. (I’ll have to research that).

There were a couple monsters I did like. The whole room of mannequins was creepy and I liked the upped version of the Toy Story crawling baby head. Also, pyramid head had a cool role. Other than that, creepy clowns and tons, probably literally tons of saran wrap do not make great creatures.

And lastly, if you’ve played Silent Hill Downpour, you’ll enjoy the nod to the game at the end. That was a fun inclusion.