Article from EW

I read an article today in Entertainment Weekly, titled Under the Gun, about gun violence and its relation with movies, television, and video games. I was impressed that the writer was able to put the article out while maintaining a solid voice that took a stand against the violence, but did not divert the anger in different directions.

Often times, arguments regarding highly emotional issues tend to become saturated with those emotions to the point that the argument is lost. For example, someone who feels so passionately about an issue often tries so hard to persuade others to see their side that they do not balance what they say. Others who hear this passionate argument take offense and drive fast the other way. So what happens is you end up with two extreme views while most people sit somewhere in the middle.

I think some of the actors and other Hollywood industry people had some very intelligent comments on the issue. Whether they thought that violence in entertainment was a valid blame for violence in real life or not, their comments made sense and were well thought out.

My big disappointment with the article was the section devoted to video games.

I love video games, I grew up with video games, and video games have always been a thing to blame acts of violence on. So when the article was able to only gather 2 video game industry people (not for a lack of trying) to comment, I was disappointed.

I understand that the video game industry is a very secretive one because of how their products are made and sold and maybe it is a good thing for them to keep their mouths shut, because the industry is known for being the punching bag of many parents, educators, and others looking to place blame on anything but the individual, but it is highly disappointing to have people from the other corners of entertainment stand up and start intelligent conversations about the connection of violence and entertainment, while another corner, one that so many people are involved with, who have very strong fan bases, sits out.

(I know very long sentence, breathe)

Anyways, like the writer of this article noted, many games actually show the consequences of violence, are saying very “interesting things.”

It’s a shame that those creators are not giving their say as well.