The Silver Linings Playbook, a Review

Last night I watched The Silver Linings Playbook. I had been wanting to see this movie since I first saw the trailer but I never got around to it. I was interested because it seemed that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence both played pretty messed up characters and I wanted to see how they did with roles like that.

I didn’t expect the story to be so good. Nor did I expect their roles to be characters I enjoyed so much.

Pat (Cooper) just got released from a mental hospital, under the conditions of continuing to take his medication and attending his therapy sessions. The trigger for his mental breakdown and continued struggles with flashes of rage was walking in on his wife cheating on him and consequentially beating the man she was with near death. While he tries to deal with his wife’s abscence, trying to win her back, a father with similar anger issues and family and friends who treat him like he is crazy he finds a friend in Tiffany (Lawrence). Tiffany expierences similar moments of fury and has her own struggles after the death of her husband.

Though the center of the story is Pat and Tiffany helping each other and coping together, all of the other people around them are well defined, interesting and deep enough to see that they are struggling with their own issues as well.

I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding this movie, but it is well deserved, the movie is funny, emotional and smart.

The movie dealt a lot with judgement and acceptance and I think just seeing it for that message is worth it; People judging others, judging themselves, learning to accept others and certainly learning to accept yourself. It’s a very realistic display of reactions of people in situations or people around others in situations that require a lot of healing, time and patience.