Comic Con in Las Vegas

In exactly 16 days the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will begin their first annual event. I am really, really excited. Not just because Las Vegas is gaining a new and sure to be “amazing” comic con event, but because I get to go! Oh my desire to go to San Diego for the last forever many years has been great! But due to lack of funds and an incredibly long waiting list I have yet to go. Now, however, with Las Vegas hosting its own, at the South Point Hotel and Casino, I have the opportunity to attend. With the generousity of a friend I’ll be in line to watch panels, visit booths, and see amazing artists in the comic industry. Their line up of special guests ain’t too shabby either. With Stan Lee and Jim Lee front running the list it’s immediately impressive. Throw in creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld and Greg Capullo from Batman and many others as well, this is not some small thing.

I am really excited to be able to attend this event from the beginning. I can only imagine attending the 10th annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and remembering the first year and how much it has grown, possibly large enough to rival Comic Con San Diego. Eh, well we’ll see haha.

Check it out here.