Sore, sore muscles and I’ve just begun. Justin and I decided to start a workout plan. We both already eat fairly healthy, so no real change in diet is involved, except we are drinking some power powder stuff. It’s not protein, so it’s not supposed to help you bulk up. Instead, it supplies energy for your muscles. Plus, we are using only a small amount.

We both have a different approach, since he wants larger muscles and I just want mine toner and elongated, but its still a similar plan.

Day 1 – we workout legs
Day 2 – cardio
Day 3 – we rest
Day 4 – workout arms
Day 5 – cardio
Day 6 – rest

And start over. Each day we workout we also do core, yay sit-ups!

How our workouts differ is the amount of weight and repetition we perform.

For Justin, he does heavy weight, low rep. So he begins with let’s say 45 pounds, and he does 5 reps. Then he does 60 pounds 3 reps and finally 80 pounds 1 rep. (Btw, I have no clue how much weight he was doing so those numbers are probably way wrong) That’s how it goes for each exercise. So on arms day, he bench presses increasing weight for about 9 reps total. Then he does curls, again 9 reps total. Then another arm exercise, 9 reps.

For me, I do low weight, high repetition. So, I begin with 8 pounds, and do 10, then I do 10 more, then I do 10 or 15 more (basically as many as I can do), until I’ve done as many as I can do, basically. Unlike Justin, who increases weight, I increase reps each time, so in a couple weeks my 40 reps will turn to 60 and my 60 to 100.

At least that’s the goal.

Then, sit-ups. Currently I’m using an 11 pound weight while doing them and it hurts. A lot! But that’s a good thing. Justin meanwhile uses the 22 pound weight.

Then I do yoga for a couple minutes, just a quick stretching and relaxing the workout. It’s a great way to warmup and cool down the workout.

So last night, we did legs. I did about 50 or 60 leg lifts and then 40 squats. I followed that with as many sit-ups and laying down leg lifts as I could. Today I feel it, but I also feel more energy than I’ve had in awhile.

Cardio is tonight, and cardio is my enemy, so I’m not sure how it will go. Since running is the worst, I might do Kinect Adventures or Disneyland, or something, anything but run. And bikes, I’d don’t like riding bikes either. But I might invest in some rollerblades. I love skating.

Also, since it’s related: I read an article about a survey that concluded that watching a scary movie can burn up to about 200 calories.

So maybe I’ll just watch some really scary movies.